De specialist in tweedehands schapenleren zitmeubels van Nederland.


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Have a look at our collection “loungeatelier”. This collection consists our of club chairs, armchairs, couches, stools, dining chairs and recliners.

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Op deze pagina ziet u een deel van ons huidige aanbod van occasions. Tweedehands stoelen met een aantrekkelijk prijskaartje. Het aanbod van occasions wijzigt bijna wekelijks. Kom vrijblijvend kijken.

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Read more about the production process and how we can increase your comfort by adjusting the height of the stands or the seating width and…

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The Milaan is one of the many high-quality sheep leather design chairs.

Teaks at Home

Sheep leather specialist

Teaks at home, the sheep leather specialist, offers you the largest collection of sheep leather seating furniture in the Netherlands.
Our collection consists out of (club) armchairs, couches, stools and dining chairs in several shapes and sizes. Within the collection of armchairs and couches we also have a special range of models inspired on the Art Nouveau. Our products can also be delivered in several types of bovine leather or other fabrics.
Teaks at home also offers the possibility to, when you have difficulty walking or lacking means of transportation, demonstrate the furniture in your living room and, if required, measure your seating-sizes, so the chair will fit you perfectly…

Second-hand leather couches and chairs

In our showroom you will find a wide variety of good and luxurious leather couches and chairs. The second-hand leather couches and chairs which are on display in our showroom have been treated by us so the high-quality sheep leather still has its full potential.

Showroom luxurious leather couches, chairs and other furniture

Can’t wait to experience the second-hand leather couches and chairs? Then visit our showroom. Teak’s showroom is located near the following cities.

Our showroom is located in The Hague, at the Laan van NOI 102. Teaks is known as the number one supplier of high-quality leather chairs, couches and other furniture in the Netherlands and especially in Zuid-Holland (South of the Netherlands). Aside from a wide variety of leather products, our furniture experts will also gladly advise you.

Distance in kilometers from The Hague: 0 to 3
Travel time from The Hague: 5 to 10 minutes
Travel time with public transportation from The Hague: 15 minutes


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