How do I maintain my sheep leather furniture?

Sheep leather is a refined material : a natural product of which the suppleness needs to be protected. That’s why we advise you to maintain your furniture well. Luckily this is very easy:

In order to properly maintain your sheep leather furniture we advise you to rub the handrails and seat with special beeswax once every two months. Allow it to soak for about ten minutes and then rub the beeswax out so it’s spread evenly and eventually starts to shine. Do this for the entire chair twice a year.

In case your furniture hasn’t been maintained in a long time, we advise you to repeatedly apply a thin layer of beeswax and to rub it out. Keep on doing this until your furniture shines once again. Never treat your sheep leather furniture with water or cleaning products, these will damage the leather as they affect the patina.


We sell our beeswax in cans of 375 ml which are available in the colors light and dark brown. The cans are €16,95 per can.

Postage costs

  • Postage costs within the Netherlands up to 10 kg (including packaging) € 9,50.
  • Postage costs outside the Netherlands but within the Benelux up to 10 kg (including packaging) € 18,75.