production process

Tailor-made seating furniture.

As we perform the entire production process in-company, we can make several alterations, both exterior as comfort-wise, for low additional costs. We can adjust the comfort by means of the height of the stands, the seating width and/or depth, the bend of the upper support and the height of the back support. Teaks at home also offers you the possibility to choose from several colors of sheep leather, rushes and stands. The stands can be finished with copper wheels or socks and you can decide whether or not you want to make use of pivots (small nails).

How does an armchair get made?

Our armchairs are handmade with a lot of attention and precision. Below you can take a look at the production process.

1. Linking

2. Girthing

3. Stitching

4. Sawing room

5. Upholstering

6. Beeswax

7. Drying room

8. Varnish room

9. Varnishing 1

10. Varnishing 2

11. Nailing

12. Polyether