Sheep leather furniture

Skins from New Zealand and Australia.

All the leather we use comes from either New Zealand or Australia. Our of all the available leather we only use the best 20% for our furniture.

After the first inspection the skins are lightly burned in order to remove the last hairs. We never sand our skins because this might damage the top layers of the skin. Afterwards they are transported to France and tanned with botanical products. After a second quality-control the skins ,now AA quality, are ready to be transported to our workshop in Brabant.


At Teaks at home you can also refurbish your seating furniture with sheepskin, bovine leather and / or fabric. Contact us for a free quotation!

Because nothing goes beyond the “experience” of sheep’s leather, we hope to greet you soon in our showroom so that you can see how beautiful the sheep’s leather is furniture, which craftsmanship is the basis and, most importantly, so you can experience how comfortable the furniture is.

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