Giving top-quality a second life.

Top-quality is timeless.

Top-quality is timeless. This also holds true for the beautiful sheep leather which only gains character as the years go by. That’s why we frequently buy used furniture which we then, after a thorough inspection, sell once more.

Vintage has been the trend for the past years, but we have been specialized in vintage far longer. Vintage gives exclusive furniture a second life and makes it accessible to a broader audience. This makes it both socially and environmentally sustainable.

We always have at least 100 models in our showroom.

What do I need to consider when purchasing a sheep leather armchair?

‘A sheep with experience’ that’s the affectionate name we give to our used furniture. Are you considering to buy a vintage sheep leather piece of furniture?

  • Has the leather not crackled too much?

    Crackles are small cracks which, when not too abundant, add to the “antique” charm of the leather. However, too many crackles make the leather vulnerable.

  • A loose pillow or is the pillow upholstered to the chair?

    Does the sheep leather armchair have a loose pillow or is the pillow upholstered to the chair? Your preference is of course a matter of taste. However, a loose pillow has the advantage that it’s easier to repair when damaged.

  • Does the seating height match your body?

    Has the pillow not collapsed too far? Are the springs still intact? Does the chair feel comfortable when you sit down? Or do you slide forwards? This is, of course, important to your seating comfort.

  • Isn’t the leather dried out too much?

    Always keep in mind that restoring a used product is often more expensive than the actual value of the furniture.

Used sheep leather furniture

A preview of the furniture we have in our showroom. Visit our showroom for our up-to-date assortment. We always have 100 models in our showroom.

Second-hand leather couches and chairs

In our showroom you will find a wide variety of good and luxurious leather couches and chairs. The second-hand leather couches and chairs which are on display in our showroom have been treated by us so the high-quality sheep leather still has its full potential.

Take a look at our luxurious leather couches, chairs and other furniture in our showroom

Can’t wait to experience the second-hand leather couches and chairs? Then visit our showroom. Teak’s showroom is located near the following cities.

Our showroom is located in The Hague, at the Laan van NOI 102. Teaks is known as the number one supplier of high-quality leather chairs, couches and other furniture in the Netherlands and especially in Zuid-Holland (South of the Netherlands). Aside from a wide variety of leather products, our furniture experts will also gladly advise you.

Distance in kilometers from The Hague: 0 to 3
Travel time from The Hague: 5 to 10 minutes
Travel time with public transportation from The Hague: 15 minutes


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